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We specialize in custom-fabricated orthoses. All devices are designed and tailored specifically to the patient and their needs and therefore no two are alike. The devices listed on this website are just some of the more common types of orthoses and will help provide you with an idea of its design and function.

A Certified Orthotist [designation C.O. (c)] is a healthcare professional who is specifically trained and educated to design, fabricate and apply orthoses. They are trained to recognize and understand normal and abnormal patho-mechanics of the entire body. They conduct clinical assessments, and based on a physician’s prescription make a recommendation for a custom-made or pre-made orthosis as well as monitoring patients throughout their treatment period. Certified Orthotist are also responsible for making any necessary adjustments and/or modifications to the orthotic device with the goal of restoring or improving physiological function.

To become a Certified Orthotist, one must complete an accredited clinical program or the accepted equivalent and be accepted by the Canadian Board for Certification of Prosthetist and Orthotists (CBCPO) as an Orthotic Resident. The resident must log a minimum of 3450 hours of patient care work under the direct supervision of a Certified Orthotist. Upon completion of the residency term, the individual is eligible to sit for the CBCPO Certification Exam. The resident must pass all portions of the three-day written, oral and practical examination in order to achieve the designation as a Certified Orthotist.
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