Toronto's Dental Hygiene Clinic

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Telephone: 647-884-9930
Address: 90 Eglinton Avenue West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Postal code: L3T 2L5
City/Town: Toronto
Province: Ontario
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We believe every individual in Ontario should have access to care provided by a dental professional. Regular visits to a dental office for dental hygiene appointments can become difficult for some individuals due to financial restraints, mobility issues or time constraints. Something had to change..... and it did.

The Ministry of Health of Ontario recognized the importance of good oral health for maintaining overall health so they have approved qualified Registered Dental Hygienists to perform their services independent of a dentist.

This has improved access to care, as it allows dental hygienists to provide services to the public in long term facilities, private clinics, community health centres, rural and remote areas. We have complete mobile equipment and are now servicing all of these areas.

The financial overhead in our clinic is lower than at a dentist office and that enables us to offer lower fees for the same dental hygiene services provided in a dentist office. This assists many clients without dental insurance and we are also able to manage a payment plan that makes regular dental cleanings affordable.

Toronto's Dental Hygiene Clinic is owned and operated by Registered Dental Hygienist Jo-Anne Hamilton, who has 25 years of clinical experience in dentistry.

Jo-Anne began her career as a dental assistant and then went on to complete her dental hygiene training at St. Clair College. She has worked as a dental hygienist for the past 23 years. She has had the pleasure of working with general practitioners and her extensive experience has enhanced her knowledge of the treatment and prevention of gum disease.

Jo-Anne is extremely pleased that legislation has changed allowing dental hygienists to service the general public directly. There is overwhelming medical evidence supporting the link between oral health and overall health and therefore alternative options for delivery of dental hygiene services will hopefully encourage more individuals to seek out dental hygiene services.

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