daVinci Associates Inc.

Website: www.davinci-retail.com
Telephone: 1-888-752-6682
Address: 1 Yonge Street, Suite 1801 Toronto, ON, Canada
Postal code: M5E 1W7
City/Town: Toronto
Province: Ontario
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Computer Peripheral Equipment, Nec
Radio and T.v. Communications Equipment
Prepackaged Software
Web Directory No.LK-335227-4897
At daVinci, we believe in quick wins that let you realize ROI in months, not years, and align your investment to the benefits that deliver value. We provide dynamic solutions to meet your constantly changing business realities of today and tomorrow. We deliver and implement our solutions with agility, backed by decades of hands-on industry experience and expertise.

Versatile daVinci is designed to adapt quickly and easily to the changing needs of the merchant and management. Its versatility extends to configuration and maintenance, making it easy for IT to implement and support.

Acceptance by the end user is the key to success. When the buying team embraces and uses the solution, the rest of the organization benefits visibility, planning process consistency, timely and actionable information at aggregate levels of the organization.

Lasting Results are the true test of acceptance. When the buying team uses daVinci as an indispensable tool to plan assortments, benefits are realized by having a centralized application that is able to support the entire buying planning process.

Unique approach to assortment planning. Our multi-tiered application solutions fit retailers of all sizes, and allows for a pay-as-you-go implementation that realized ROI as quickly as the investment is made.

Expertise captured. The daVinci solution is designed not only to maximize the use of available technological science; it is also designed to capture the buying team knowledge and intuition. Planning assumptions, notes, and history are stored and easily reference-able, reducing the training curve for new buyers and planners.

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