On-Hold Marketing Inc.

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Address: 2 East Beaver Creek Rd., Bldg4a 2nd Floor,Richmond Hill, ON
Postal code: L4B 2N3
City/Town: Richmond Hill
Province: Ontario
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Customized on hold messaging is proven to reduce hangups! Even one hang-up per day can cost your business thousands of dollars a year! Keep your caller…make them your customer!

On-Hold Marketing Inc. programs include playback music-on-hold equipment, a professional script writing team, an extensive licensed music library, freelance voice talent - professionals from radio, television and theatre – and our recording studio’s technical expertise to ensure that the message on your hold line always sounds professional regardless of whether you have a traditional business phone or one of the newer VoIP systems like Cisco, Bell, Fibernetics….

It's a fact – when a potential customer hears a customized professional greeting when they call, they're more likely to feel reassured they've called a capable business. On Hold consultants will help you ensure your automated attendant, voicemail or IVR system helps the caller find what they’re looking for with a clear, easy-to-understand voice. Our professional voices can be heard at every service and industry, including financial Institutions, restaurants, dental practices, auto dealers, associations, retail stores and more.

Silence is not golden! Let your caller know their business is important and that they haven’t been disconnected. Already have tone-on-hold, that annoying beep, a static radio or canned music? Music on your hold line is a reflection of your good taste…or not! Music used by OnHold Marketing Inc fully complies with all regulations…did you know…if you’re playing music, or the radio, you are legally required to pay licensing fees to the performing rights organizations like SOCAN, BMI, ASCAP and other international copyright institutions. No caller wants to wait on hold! Don’t add to the frustration; give them something interesting to listen to!

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